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Self Registered My Data Account Access / Status

This registration status/account access page allows you to retrieve your password (via email), resend your account verification email, or simply check the status of your self registered user preferences account. For any of these requests you must enter your username (the email address you used when creating the account) and the associated captcha code.

How it works

Enter your email address and the captcha code.
  • Pressing the Check Status button will cause the account information associated with that email address to be looked up. The Account Status will then be displayed which provides a basic description of the account's status.
  • Pressing the Email Access button will:
    1. Search for the account (checks if exists).
    2. If the account's status is "verified" an email will be sent that contains the password. If the account's status is set to "needs verification" then the verification email will be sent.
    The Account Status Page will then be shown in all cases. If the password email was sent a message stating such will be displayed. If the verification code was resent again the appropriate message will be shown. If neither of the above then the general status will be shown - which includes a message if the email address was not found or if the captcha code was invalid.

Required Information

captcha image

If you don't have an account and would like to be able to save your query definitions you can self register for an account by making a New My Data User Registration request.

If you have an account with the Department of Health you may login by clicking on Use Department of Health Secure Login. You can also login to an existing self registered account.

Unauthorized access is strictly prohibited and subject to full prosecution.
You are currently logged in as Not Authenticated (email: ).

It appears that this account is a secure system account. Note that this Account Access/Registration Status check ONLY works for the unsecure, self registered user accounts.
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