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Introduction to MyData

A "MyData" is a free, no strings attached, account that is provided to allow you to save preferences and data definitions. These data definitions include saving customized query definitions which allow users to share and/or repeatedly get the data they want without having to select the dataset, measure, and specifing the criteria each time.

Currently this site's data definitions include the ability to select a query dataset, the desired measure, specify filtering criteria, and how you want to display the data. These data definitions are also referred to as a "saved query". You can define as many saved query definitions as you would like. These definitions include a unique name that you can share with others which will allow them to run your saved query definition without them needing a MyData account or needing to go through the query definition steps. Query definitions also include a title and a description that you specify to make selecting and managing your saved queries easier.
  1. Create Account: To be able to save your query definitions (and be ready for future features) you need an account. Accounts are free and are self registered via the New User Registration page.
  2. Select Dataset: Use the site's top tab navigation or simply use the Dataset Index page to select a dataset to query.
  3. Select Dataset Measure: Once a dataset has been selected you are presented with a page that allows you to choose what type of measure within that dataset you are going to query.
  4. Define Query Criteria: Once the dataset measure has been selected you are taken to a query definition page that shows all the variables that can be used as filtering criteria. Select the desired fitlering criteria and how you want your data displayed (grouped by for the series and category values that are used for sorting).
  5. Submit the Query Definition/View Result: Submitting the query takes you to the results page where you can verify that your specified criteria and how you want you data displayed is correct. Once satisified with your results press the "Save Definition" button on the side menu. Note that you also have this option directly on the query definition page without having to submit the query.
  6. Define the Saved Query: Enter a unique saved query definition name, title, and description and press the "Save" button.
  7. Run a Saved Query Definition:
  8. Maintaining a Saved Query Definition:
  9. Share a Saved Query Definition:
  • Your Personal Information: The information you enter to create your MyData account will never be used internally or shared with any outside sources; My Data is simply a convenience tool to allow you to save your preferences and query definitions.
  • MyData is NOT secure!!! The datasets are public, your query definitions are sharable and as such are public, this agency does not offer any guarantee that your login account information or even the login screen is secure. Because the user login screen and information you enter are NOT secure, it is recommend to use an appropriate, unique password that is not used for your other secure sites that you use your same email address with (e.g. make sure your email address and password are not the same so that if your MyData account is hacked that the hacker does not have the potential login credentials to access your other accounts).
The information provided above is from the Utah Department of Health and Human Services IBIS-PH web site ( The information published on this website may be reproduced without permission. Please use the following citation: " Retrieved Wed, 24 July 2024 13:17:27 from Utah Department of Health and Human Services, Indicator-Based Information System for Public Health Web site: ".

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